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  1. Any order by the Client for the supply of goods shall:
  • All orders must be placed in writing and be signed by the client;
  • Identify the goods ordered;
  • Specify the required date of delivery.

Acceptance and Delivery

  1. Subject to clause 2 below, the client must provide ECO-REMAKE with a minimum of 5 business days prior to notice of the date by which the client requires the goods to be delivered.
  2. ECO-REMAKE is not bound to accept any delivery date notified by the client. The parties acknowledge that all delivery times provided are estimates only and are not binding on ECO-REMAKE.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, ECO-REMAKE is not required to deliver any goods to the client unless the client has paid all monies owing to ECO-REMAKE in full.
  1. All goods supplied by ECO-REMAKE to the client will be delivered unless circumstances require that alternative arrangements be made. Such arrangements must be agreed in writing between the client and ECO-REMAKE prior to the dispatch of any product.
  2. All goods shall be delivered to the Agent’s premises during normal business hours unless agreed to by ECO-REMAKE.
  3. The client shall inspect all goods upon arrival and shall, within 1 day from such inspection, give notice in writing to ECO-REMAKE of any matter or thing by reason whereof it is alleged that the goods are not in accordance with the order.

If the client shall fail to give such notice the goods shall be deemed to comply in all respects with the contract and the Agent shall be bound to accept and pay for the same accordingly.

  1. ECO-REMAKE reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to make partial deliveries against any order placed by the client unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing at the time of order.

Price and Payment

  1. Prices for all goods supplied by ECO-REMAKE to the client VAT inclusive, unless otherwise stated. A packing and delivery charge will be applied to each order unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  2. ECO-REMAKE reserves the right to change the price at any time and in its sole discretion, and with prior notice to the


  1. A discount of 4% will be given should the client pay the invoice within 7 working days from the date of the invoice. The client is to pay the amount in full stated on the invoice, discount will be given in the form of a credit note at the end of each month which will reflect on a statement.
  2. Payment for invoiced amounts is to be made in full before delivery unless agreed otherwise by ECO-REMAKE and the client. Until payment in full is received, the property in the goods remains with ECO-REMAKE, and, if, in the client’s possession, the goods will be held by the client as bailee and returned immediately to ECO-REMAKE upon demand in unused and undamaged condition. ECO-REMAKE will hold the client indemnified against any claim or liability in respect of the goods in the meantime.
  3. No new orders will be given if the previous invoice amount is not paid in full unless agreed otherwise in writing.

Return of Goods

ECO-REMAKE internal Quality Standards prohibit ECO-REMAKE from re-issuing or re-using returned products, where, among other factors, there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether the products have been handled strictly in accordance with the specified shipping, handling and storage requirements for the product. Therefore, ECO-REMAKE can only accept return of goods for credit in instances where return is necessary because the goods are defective due to any act or omission by ECO-REMAKE.

All returns require prior notice to ECO-REMAKE. The following additional conditions relating to the return of goods for credit apply:

  1. Detail: Invoice number and goods Return Number must be supplied with all returns. In every case, the original invoice number and date must be quoted.
  2. Packaging: Where goods were originally supplied by ECO-REMAKE in specialized packaging, any return shall be made in that original packaging and the goods shall be in their original and unmarked condition, complete with any instructions for use supplied.
  3. Time: Notification to ECO-REMAKE of intention to return goods must be made within 3 days of receipt by the client of the goods from ECO-REMAKE.
  4. Identification: No responsibility will be accepted for any delay in processing a credit for goods returned caused by goods being incorrectly branded or returned without adequate identification of both sender and goods returned.
  5. ECO-REMAKE will replace all goods with an expired manufacturing date free of charge (excluding delivery fees).

Limitation of Liability

  1. ECO-REMAKE and the Agent hereby agree that, to the extent permitted by law, in the event of any loss, damage or claim arising out of a breach, the liability of ECO-REMAKE is limited to the replacement of the goods or the cost of replacement.
  2.  ECO-REMAKE property under the client custody or control will be entirely at the Agent’s risk as regards loss or damage thereto or from whatsoever cause arising.
  3. All rejected goods or defective goods shall be the property of ECO-REMAKE to dispose of as it sees fit.
  4. ECO-REMAKE accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any goods that have been:
  5. Used for purposes other than those specified in the instructions for use that accompany the goods
  6. Repackaged, relabeled or supplied in any way other than in the original presentation as purchased from ECO-REMAKE.
  7. Tampered with in any way – including the removal of seals or opening of packaging prior to delivery to the end-user.
  8. ECO-REMAKE and the ECO-REMAKE logo is a registered trademark of ECO-REMAKE Products (PTY) LTD and may only be used with written consent from ECO-REMAKE.


  1. If these Terms and Conditions of Sale, which shall only be varied, modified or rescinded by written agreement (executed by ECO-REMAKE), shall differ in any respect from the Agent’s order or ECO-REMAKE acceptance or confirmation of order, then these Terms and Conditions of Sale shall prevail.
  2. ECO-REMAKE reserves the right to refuse at its absolute discretion to extend credit to any potential Agent or to proceed with any order should the Agent’s trade references be unsatisfactory to ECO-REMAKE.
  3. Statutory taxes and charges (such as VAT or other relevant government charges) will be shown separately in the account for the sale of the goods and the provision of the service. The amount of the taxes and charges payable in respect of a transaction will be payable by the client.
  4. If by any reason of any legislation, government action or other cause beyond ECO-REMAKE control, any tax, impost, levy, charge, duty or expenditure of any kind, which is not at present chargeable or applicable, is imposed becomes payable or applicable, or is incurred in respect of the goods and any services hereby sold, it will be to the client’s account and/or chargeable to the Agent by ECO-REMAKE.
  5. The client acknowledges and declares that the client has read and understood these terms and conditions prior to the delivery of goods and any services.


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