Winter and COVID-19 special 4 product (Month pack)


Apply Coupon code: SZQHY4NA for an addtional 5% discout until end August 2020.

  • 1 Litre Probiotic GP cleaner (Makes 10 liters of spray and wipe detergent)
  • 1 Litre Probiotic Hand and Body Gel wash (20-30 full body washes)
  • 1 Litre Bioflavonoid hand and surface Sanitizer (Alcohol Free)
  • 2 Litre Probiotic Laundry liquid (50-75ml per load: 40-26 loads of washing no fabric softer needed)


20 in stock (can be backordered)


This is the ideal package to keep your entire household clean and sanitised in a safe and effective manner. Without causing secondary infections due to supper bug development and a sterile immune system.

  • Probiotic GP cleaner
    • This amazing multi-purpose cleaner will clean all your surfaces and floors, deodorize and leave a fresh sophisticated fragrance.

General-purpose cleaner, Sophisticated strong scent, powerful cleaner, Eliminates odors. is suitable for:
• Bathrooms
• Refuse Bins
• Room Deodorizer
• Patios
• Tiles
• Sandpits
• Pet spills
• Artificial lawn
• Carpet cleaner
• Mattress cleaner
• Smoke odor eliminator
• Septic tank treatment
• Pit latrine dosing
• Portable toilet treatment
• Laundry pre-spotter

  • Probiotic Hand and Body Gel wash
    • This Probiotic body wash gel, works with the skins natural oils and protecting microbes to protect your skin from harmful pathogens, bacteria, germs and yeasts.
  • Probiotic Laundry liquid
    • This probiotic liquid laundry detergent kills all bacteria in your fabrics and washing machine, protects your clothes and washing machine from harbouring harmful pathogens, moulds, bacteria, germs and yeasts.
  • Bioflavonoid hand and surface Sanitizer (Alcohol Free)
    • Nothing beats the confidence of having a LOG 5 disinfectant protection, kills 99.999% of pathogens, moulds, bacteria, germs and yeasts. Is safe for you and your children as it does not contain any alcohol that can attack and compromise your good intestinal bacteria, keeping your immune system strong.



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