PROBIOTIC Dish (5 Litre)


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Just imagine – helping to save the country’s sewer problems just by changing your dish wash and other cleaning products brand!

Probiotic Dish is a very powerful blend of eco-friendly bio-enzyme

grease cutting agents with a neutral PH that is soft on the skin.

With the awesome power of bio-enzymes, you get the very

cleanest dishes and cutlery on even the toughest food stains.

Keeps dishes clean and free of harmful pathogens for days

after washing!

Breakthrough bio-enzyme dishwashing liquid which treats

fat traps and septic systems, while ridding building plumbing

pipes of organic build ups for huge cost savings.

Eliminates odors from drains and dish cloths, while leaving

dishes sparkling clean.


Add your required amount of Probiotic Dish in the empty kitchen sink, pour the water and agitate to activate the foam before adding

the dishes.

Highly Economical:

Probiotic Dish is extremely concentrated, and just a tiny amount cleans

an entire sink full of soiled dishes and cutlery.

It contains highly advanced foaming agents which remain stable and

do not break as the grease loading of plates and cutlery is increased.

This results in a dramatically lowered consumption of product on

a daily basis for excellent long term cost savings.

Bio-Enzyme Power:

 Bio-enzymes are highly intelligent. They immediately analyze their

intended target and quickly secrete the precise type and massive concentrations of digestive enzymes.

The target is permanently broken down into essentially

carbon dioxide and water.

Through the process of Competitive Exclusion, a long-term and

much healthier environment is created.

 Note: Do not use harsh chemicals which interfere with the beneficial bacteria. Harsh chemical cleaning products (bleaches, biocides and anti-bacterial agents) should be permanently removed from your environment.


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