PROBIOTIC Cistern Blocks


100gr – Bio-enzyme toilet cistern treatment

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Bio-enzyme toilet cistern treatment

Breakthrough bio-enzyme cistern block which hugely reduces the need to flush. Save up to 140 liters daily! After eventually flushing, unique 9 enzyme function turns human waste in sewer systems into a free water source!

Contains class leading 9 enzyme system which quickly and effectively digests all toilet system waste and much more:
Lipase (fats), Amylase (starches), Urease (urea), Protease (proteins), Cellulase (cellulose), Esterase (esters),
Phosphatase (phosphate groups from proteins), Hemicellulase (non-cellulose polysaccharides), Xylanase (hemicellulose fibre).

Directions For Use:
Place one block into the cistern bowl opposite the water inlet pipe. Replace when water colour fades.
Also effective as an toilet and urinal spray, suitable for portable toilets.


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