Eco Friendly Product


Completely Eco-friendly, Readily Biodegradable, Packaging is reusable and recyclable, Never tested on animals, Plant-based ingredients, All suppliers Roundtable on Sustainable.


Non-carcinogenic, Non-genetically modified, Non-pathogenic, Contains essential oils.  Free from Chlorine bleach, Triclosan, EDTA, Phosphates, 2-butoxyethanol, Phthalates, Paraben, Ammonia, High VOC glycol ethers, Formaldehyde

Eco-friendly products:

  • ECO-OXY WASH (Colour safe, Oxy power washing powder for all laundry)
  • ECO-OXY WASH HD (Colour safe, Oxy power “chlorine-free bleach” washing powder for all laundry, dish towel, mops, overalls, etc.)
  • ECO-HD Cleaner (Heavy-duty de-scaler and limescale remover)
  • ECO-Grit hand cleaner (clean even the heaviest grease and grime with ease, while leaving the skin feeling soft and renewed)
  • ECO-Hand sanitizer (alcohol-based, gel, fragranced hand sanitizer)
  • ECO-Solve (incredibly effective degreaser for shops, floors, workbenches, tools, mechanical repairs, and machinery also penetrating spray and parts cleaning station. Water-soluble)
  • ECO-Wash & Wax (ECO-Car Wash & wax is an eco-friendly bio-enzyme high foaming special formula wash and wax product for cleaning motor vehicles, busses, trucks, trains, etc.)
  • ECO-BRASS (Eco-friendly water-soluble cleaner for Brass, copper, stainless steel)

Specialty products:

  • K58c Paint stripper (Heavy-duty paint stripper).
  • Removes epoxy paints, as well as acrylics, vinyl’s and polyurethane’s, effectively cleans ink printing rollers).


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